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All Market Vendors MUST read the contract below and agree to the terms and conditions outlined.

McDonald's Houston Children's Festival
 April 1 & 2, 2017

MANDATORY - All Market Vendors must read and agree to the following contract.  To indicate your agreement to these terms and conditions, please check the appropriate box at the bottom of the Market Vendor Application on the left side of this page.  Thank you.

1.  The 2017 Booth Space consists of: 

  • 10' x 10' of operational space (Vendor/purchaser provides tent and furnishings.)
  • Roving on-site security provided through-out the event, including set-up and take-down.
  • Six (6) admission credentials
  • Opportunity to sell signature items
  • Opportunity to promote your company on-site with coupons, promotional materials and name identified uniformed employees.
  • On-site set-up begins Friday, March 31, 2017 at 7:30 pm after street closures are complete.

2.  Vendor agrees to provide all operational equipment (i.e. tents, displays, tables and chairs). 

3.  Vendor agrees that booth location is determined by the McDonald's Houston Children's Festival (taking optional corner and City Hall Area fee into consideration).  Booth location and fee are non-transferable. 

4.  Vendor agrees to arrange all electrical needs through the McDonald's Houston Children's Festival designated power supplier in advance and agrees to full payment of all electrical costs with the application and initial payment. 

5.  Vendor agrees that all booth decorations must be tasteful and reflect the theme of individual vendor and must be flame retardant and meet fire code regulations and stay within the boundaries of allotted booth space. 

6.  Vendor agrees to sell only material souvenirs and not food or beverage items. 

7.  Vendor agrees to behave in a professional manner or he will be dismissed from the festival grounds without a refund.  Any vendor suspected of alcohol or drug usage during the festival, set-up or take-down, will be dismissed from the festival without a refund. 

8.  Vendor agrees not to damage City of Houston property or McDonald's Houston Children's Festival property in any way (i.e. nails, staples, paint, etc.) and agrees to pay for any damages therein. 

9.  Vendor agrees to set-up and sell only in the assigned booth space.  Any set-up outside the 10' x 10' allotted space will incur an additional booth space fee.  The booth space must operate all hours of the McDonald's Houston Children's Festival and vendor may not leave prior to close of the festival.  Roaming the site or selling from multiple locations within the festival site is not permitted and could result in removal from the event with no refund. 

10.  Vendor understands that no payroll or employment taxes of any kind shall be withheld or paid with respect to the McDonald's Houston Children's Festival.  Additionally, no worker's compensation insurance or liability insurance will be provided to the Market Vendor.  Market Vendor assumes all risk and liability associated with an outdoor event including theft and climate weather of any type.  In the event of cancellation of the McDonald's Houston Children's Festival, any fees paid to the event will not be refunded and will become a donation to Child Advocates, Inc. 

11.  Vendor understands and agrees to adhere to the following policy: 
Child Advocates, Inc. staff and volunteers do not promote any specific religious preference or personal value to the children they serve.  In alignment with this commitment and out of respect for the diversity of children and families that attend the McDonald's Houston Children's Festival, we request that for the duration of The Festival corporate sponsors, media partners, vendors and volunteers refrain from offering booth activities or distributing materials that promote a specific personal value or religious preference.

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