ADMISSIONS: Selling admission tickets to the general public. MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER.

TICKET TAKERS:  Greet festival guests and take their admission tickets and place in in admission container.

FESTIVAL GREETERS: Greeting festival guests at entrance gates. Passing out Event Guides, putting Child Advocates stickers on guests, etc.

  Signing up festival guests at entrance gates to tag their children with a sticker, so they can quickly be reunited with their parents/guardian if lost.

Selling coupons to festival guests for food, beverages and games.  MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER.

Selling beverages to festival guests.  Taking coupons for drinks.  Some restocking and inventory at the end of the day.  You MUST wear a hat to work in this booth!

GAMES: Taking coupons and helping kids on and off rides and games. Some lifting involved.

LOST KIDS: Assist the security team locating lost children, so they can quickly be reconnected with their parents/guardians.  Walking around the festival with information sheets to assist guests with directions and information on the event.

VIP HOSPITALITY:  Sponsor hospitality area.  Keeping food and snacks available for guests.  Keeping the area clean for sponsors, including trash handling.  Restocking drinks and ice.

VOLUNTEER  HEADQUARTERS:  Assisting with volunteer check-in, passing out volunteer T-shirts, helping volunteers with volunteer snack areas and restocking.  Some heavy lifting required.

FLEX TEAM: We consider this group the most "flexible" volunteers. These volunteers need to be ready to go wherever they are needed during their shift. These volunteers are used to "fill-in" for volunteers who do not show up or to cover last minute emergency needs.

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Houston Children's Festival

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