McDonald’s Dream Discovery Zone featuring McDonald’s Dream Discovery Stage

Come into the heart of the festival and have a blast!

See Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar & Birdie

So much to do with the McDonald’s Inflatable Bouncy House, McDonald’s Inflatable Football Toss & Soccer Kick, McDonald’s Inflatable Obstacle Course, McDonald’s Chill Zone with Fruit Punch Slushie, Inflatable Tic-Tac-Toe, McDonald’s Photo Booth, Crafts, HPD Helicopter, Sampling Station and the famous McDonald’s Shoe Car!

Check out Nickelodeon’s PAW PATROL– Chase & Marshall will be there in person both Saturday and Sunday (Wristband required. Wristbands will be handed out 11:30 am Saturday and Sunday . First come, first served. See “Celebrity Connection” for details.)


Tile Painting

Paint away on your tile canvas! One of the festival’s hottest spots to visit! You will receive a tile to paint whatever your creative mind wants. Then take it to a drying rack and come back and pick it up to take home!


Green Mountain Energy World

Brighten Our World – Check out an electric motorcycle, hands-on solar panels and so much more! Color Our World – paint the huge Power Pals mural!


T-Mobile Trampoline & Dance Stage

WHAT IS EXTREME? T-Mobile’s 5G Network is extreme…or how about an Extreme Trampoline Show?! The best competitive athletes in North America including  Olympic medalists... Soaring heights - 25 feet or higher...Amazing triple flips and twists...Snowboards and skis...The double trampoline shows with synchronized performance.


The transparent wall shows add an exciting cirque-style dimension, the wall shows are unlike any other acrobatic show seen elsewhere! 4 shows per day!


If that’s not enough. T-Mobile will be hosting a Dance Stage with DJ…so get your groove-on or do the Harlem Shuffle on stage and have a blast!


The T-Mobile onsite Mobile Truck will be there with accessories, plans, phones and so much more to explore!


Signaturecare Emergency Center Teddy Bear Clinic

Uh Oh! Your Teddy Bear needs medical help! • Check your teddy bear’s heartbeat and blood pressure • Next check the temperature • Get your Diagnosis • Does your teddy bear need a band-aid or splint? • Take a picture and much more!

Camille Schrier 5.jpg

SABIC Super Science Zone

Chemistry that Matters

A premier activity of the Festival, SABIC Super Science Zone & Stage will feature: Covered stage for the scheduled shows Science Shows, building activities, Recycle activities, chemistry shows and much more!

Miss America Camille Schrier - will be on SABIC stage demonstrating Science Experiments & Autographs. She will have 4 shows on Sunday April 5 on stage


Nightlight Pediatrics Urgent Care Diaper Derby

And they’re off! Babies will get their crawl on for a chance to win prizes in the annual Diaper Derby!